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My Cigar Tupperdor Setup and In-Depth Review

When it comes to cigar storage, enthusiasts are constantly seeking the perfect balance of humidity, temperature, and preservation. In this article, we take a deep dive into the world of tupperdors, sharing the secrets of a successful setup that ensures your precious cigars remain in prime condition. This guide is an extension of our KISS cigar storage video, addressing the numerous questions we received about our tupperdor setup.

The Container - Your Tupperdor's Foundation

At the heart of our tupperdor system lies the Sistema 236 oz container, a versatile choice known for its airtight seal. Measuring roughly 14 by 9 ¼ inches and standing 4 ¾ inches tall, it's reminiscent of an average shoebox in size but can house a considerable number of cigars. However, we recommend filling it with around 70 cigars to allow the humidity to distribute evenly.

One of the remarkable features of this container is its four locking clips, which audibly click into place, assuring you of a secure closure. Moreover, these containers are stackable, making organization a breeze, and they boast an odorless interior, eliminating the common plastic smell issue.

Cigar Storage Options

Within your tupperdor, you have the freedom to choose how you store your cigars. You can leave them wrapped in their cellophane or remove it – both methods have their advantages and drawbacks. Experiment with different approaches to find the humidity level that suits your preferences.

For those sealed cigar boxes, simply place the entire box inside your tupperdor. The boxes themselves will absorb humidity, ensuring the cigars within remain in optimal condition.

Boveda Packs: The Ultimate Humidity Control

Maintaining the right humidity level is paramount in cigar storage, and we entrust this task to Boveda humidity packs. These packs are renowned for their durability, often lasting a year or more when used in an airtight tupperdor.

In contrast, traditional wood humidors require more frequent pack replacements due to the wood and ambient air working in tandem to dry them out.

Selecting the right Boveda packs is crucial. You can use Boveda's online calculator to determine the appropriate pack size and quantity for your tupperdor. For our Sistema container, Boveda recommends four size 60 packs. However, we've found that three packs suffice for loose cigars, while four are necessary when using Spanish cedar trays or storing whole boxes.

Spanish Cedar Trays: A Touch of Elegance

Spanish cedar trays, like the Mantello trays we use, add a touch of elegance to your tupperdor. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, they offer a pleasing cedar aroma without overwhelming the cigars' flavors. While not essential, they're a valuable addition for cigar aficionados.

Before introducing cigars to Spanish cedar trays, ensure you've properly seasoned the wood to prevent it from absorbing humidity from your precious cigars.

They're great for organizing your cigars in the tupperdor. They're a perfect fit for the Sistema container and you can even stack 2 inside.

Monitoring Temperature and Humidity

Maintaining a watchful eye on temperature and humidity is pivotal in the world of cigar storage. To make this task easier, we recommend using Govee's Bluetooth-connected monitoring devices.

These gadgets offer a user-friendly app for convenient data visualization and historical tracking. You can even set up alerts for specific temperature or humidity thresholds.

Temperature Control

Keep your tupperdor's temperature below 75 degrees Fahrenheit, ideally not exceeding 76 degrees. If you find yourself needing cooling capabilities, it might be time to explore alternative storage methods.

Creating the ideal tupperdor setup for your cigar collection is a journey that blends science and art. Whether you follow our precise setup or adapt it to your preferences, the key to cigar storage is maintaining the right conditions.

Stay tuned for future content, including a review of our cooling humidor and a potential humidor tour. If you have any questions or requests, please don't hesitate to share them with us in the comments below. Happy cigar storing!


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