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The Most Essential Cigar Tool: The Perfecdraw

For passionate cigar enthusiasts, indulging in a fine cigar is more than a casual pastime; it's an art form and a way to savor life's moments. However, this exquisite experience can be easily marred by one persistent problem: a tight or plugged draw. The frustration that follows can turn a pleasurable moment into an exercise in perseverance. In this article, we'll explore the Perfecdraw cigar draw tool, a game-changer that can elevate your cigar experience to a whole new level.

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The Art of Cigar Enjoyment

Smoking a cigar isn't just about lighting it up and taking a puff. It's an intricate process that requires the perfect alignment of multiple factors. The choice of cigar, the ambiance, the pairing, and the time set aside for this ritual all play vital roles. Yet, there's one factor that can instantly derail this experience – a tight draw. The moment you light your cigar and discover that it's plugged or overly restricted, the joy dissipates, and the frustration sets in. This is not how enjoying a cigar should be.

The Perfect Solution: Perfecdraw

The Perfecdraw is the knight in shining armor for cigar aficionados. In my opinion, it's just as indispensable as a cutter and lighter in your toolkit. While tight draws may be more prevalent in Cuban cigars, they can afflict any hand-rolled cigar. Also, over-humidification can cause tobacco to expand, resulting in a constricted draw. This is why maintaining your cigars at around 62%-65% relative humidity (RH) is crucial.

Great Design and Unmatched Durability

The Perfecdraw is designed with utmost precision and built to last. The fully enclosed case, measuring 5.5 inches in length and around ⅓ inch thick, is constructed from aerospace-grade 6061 T-6 Aluminum, ensuring remarkable strength and durability. The shaft and sharp blades are crafted from non-corrosive 304 surgical stainless steel, guaranteeing a robust and long-lasting tool. It's the epitome of overbuilt quality.

Ingenious Design

The heart of Perfecdraw's success lies in its design. Protected by patents in the United States and pending international patents, this is no ordinary cigar poker. It boasts multi-functional blades tailored to open a cigar's draw.

The first function is to delicately drill into the cigar without causing any damage, thanks to its flat spade design. It works by cutting away excess tobacco without causing expansion, ensuring the cigar's outer wrapper remains intact.

Once the Perfecdraw is firmly inside the cigar, its second function comes into play – pulling loose tobacco out. It does this thanks to 90-degree channels that grip and remove excess tobacco effortlessly. The tool's tactile feedback is immediate, making you feel like it's full of tiny thumbtacks that grip and pull effectively. The addition of a convenient handle enhances the overall usability of this exceptional tool.

Awards and Recognition

The patented design of the Perfecdraw has garnered significant recognition, including the prestigious Cigar Journal Trophy award for Best Cigar Accessory in 2018. It addresses a substantial problem that, without this tool, would either lead to a subpar cigar experience or wasting money on a new cigar. Perfecdraw is a welcome savior, and it's not just about the draw tool – it's part of a larger commitment by Perfec Cigar Solutions to create genuine solutions for cigar aficionados.

A Year of Unwavering Performance: My Experience

I've been using the Perfecdraw tool for a year, and I can attest to its resilience. I've subjected it to extreme conditions, from freezing winters to scorching summers, with no signs of deterioration. While the casing has gained some character from being thrown around, it still protects the blades admirably. The shaft remains perfectly straight, and the blades remain razor-sharp, even after countless uses.

The tool has proven invaluable for a wide range of cigar sizes, especially for thinner cigars like lanceros and lonsdales. These are more prone to draw issues, making the Perfecdraw a must-have. It has even come to the rescue of my smallest cigars with a 33-ring gauge, showing its versatility in solving tight draw issues. The tool's ability to save expensive cigars from going to waste essentially pays for itself.

How To Use The Perfecdraw

Using the Perfecdraw is straightforward. Start by moistening the head of your cigar if it's a bit dry to prevent the wrapper from cracking. After cutting the cigar and confirming a tight draw, center the Perfecdraw on the cigar's head and gently drill it until the blades disappear. Be cautious not to grind the tobacco excessively. A straight pull should follow.

For greater draw adjustment, drill a bit deeper, around half an inch or so. This incremental approach allows you to fine-tune the draw to your liking. Remember that the draw may tighten slightly once you light the cigar, but the Perfecdraw can be used even after lighting without any issues.

Beyond Draw: Additional Uses

One of the versatile aspects of the Perfecdraw is its dual functionality as a cigar nubber. It allows you to enjoy your cigar down to the very end without singeing your fingertips. Simply insert the tool into the cigar end at an angle and savor every moment.

Comparing to Other Draw Tools

The Perfecdraw's patented blade design, quality, and included storage case set it apart from other draw tools on the market. Other tools may have inferior blades, or they might simply function as sharp pokers, causing damage to the cigar. When you consider the results and the convenience provided by the Perfecdraw, it becomes clear that it is worth the investment.

A Solution Worth Every Puff

In the world of cigar enjoyment, the Perfecdraw stands out as a genuine problem solver. Its patented design, top-notch quality, and additional uses make it a must-have for any cigar aficionado. When a company focuses on creating solutions that enhance your experience, it becomes an integral part of your cigar journey. The Perfecdraw is the tool you'll use again and again, making every puff a perfect one. Once you've experienced its benefits, you'll wonder how you ever enjoyed cigars without it.


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